Code 3 Emergency Partners, LLC helps to facilitate Emergency Medicine physician ownership of Freestanding Emergency Centers. Current partnership opportunities are limited to Texas and Colorado, but will be open to other states in the future as Freestanding Emergency Center legislation develops.

Our philosophy: We believe that facilities that are owned and operated by Emergency Physicians maintain the highest level of quality and efficiency. We believe in the value of Emergency Medicine training and seek to maintain our affiliated facilities as staffed only with Board Certified/Board Eligible Residency Trained Emergency Medicine Physicians. We appreciate our other physician colleagues and their desire to participate in our growing and evolving specialty. For non-Emergency Medicine physicians and non-medial accredited investors, we do offer the ability to invest in ground up real estate projects.

How much does it cost? Every facility is different based on geographical location. In general, Emergency Physician partnerships in a Code 3 FSED in Texas will have shares available for $50-60 each with a buy in of 500 shares (5% ownership). Sweat equity (discounted shift work) is expected of all partners in the first 90 days of operations and required shifts are mirrored to percentage of ownership.

Corporate Governance: Although Code 3 Emergency Partners, LLC maintains management control of each location, each partnership has open books to all partners and their spouses. Partners are engaged in quarterly Governing Board meetings at each facility. The Code 3 Emergency Partners MSO manages each facility in accordance with state and federal laws in order to keep the facility functioning and licensed. However, partners maintain an active role in equipment selection, facility design, hiring staff, and medical direction.

Real Estate Investment Only: Code 3 Emergency Partners MSO provides Real Estate Development services and assists investors in purchasing and building medical facilities. We match each set of investors with operators and set up leases between operator and landlord entities. Minimum investments start at $20,000 and extend to over $5 million depending on the size, location, and type of medical facility.

For more information on investing, please contact One of our staff members will be happy to assist you with your questions.