Code 3 Emergency Physicians believe in physician ownership and control of their practices. Our group of physicians is made up of board certified/board eligible, residency trained Emergency Medicine Physicians. Each facility or hospital system that we staff has a group of invested physician partners in local Code 3 Emergency Physician Subsidiaries. Code 3 Emergency Partners MSO provides management services for each of these groups at a fair and reasonable rate. We help Emergency Physicians maintain ownership of their practice and provide a broad base of emergency physicians that can help those partners to effectively staff their practice. Our locum tenens group is also made up of physician partners that have ownership and control of their practice.

Every physician partnership associated with Code 3 Emergency Physicians maintains open books, all the way to the top. Code 3 Emergency Physicians parent organization is 100% physician owned and operated, and corporate staff work clinical shifts on the front lines along with our physician partners. We will never take an unethical excessive cut of your income and collections. Every relationship is set up contractually in a completely transparent and open fashion. For physicians that desire to grow in a leadership role or investing role, the pathway to ownership and leadership remains open throughout the parent organization as well.