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Code 3 Emergency Physicians have a long-standing mission of providing the highest quality of emergency care to the communities they belong in, and we work hard in doing so by providing Freestanding Emergency and Urgent Care Centers with the best and most dedicated physicians from all over the United States.

Code 3 Emergency Physicians instill the value of leadership, integrity, partnership, and respect. We aim to blaze the trails for the future of Emergency Medicine through our physicians and employees, who maintain the quality of their work at the highest level. We give the utmost respect and value to each of our partners, and we make sure that they stay happy and fulfilled in their jobs.

Code 3 Emergency Physicians is now working with several Freestanding Emergency and Urgent Care Centers all over Texas with more under development, as we aim to provide the best staff and physicians to more communities in the future.


Code 3 Emergency Physicians is led by the best practicing physicians from different parts of the United States. Each member of the board boasts of impressive credentials and great contributions in the field of medicine, specifically in Emergency Care.

Our leadership is unmatched in the industry, and we believe that great physicians and great leaders not only follow great leaders, but also encourage others to become successful leaders.

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History Code 3

Code 3 Emergency Physicians was founded by Board Certified Emergency Physician Carrie de Moor, MD, FACEP back in August 2013, and she has worked hard in forming an excellent team of dedicated emergency physicians with the same vision. In the summer of 2014, Code 3 was able to secure their first staffing contract with a Freestanding Emergency Center.

From then on, Code 3 Emergency Physicians have partnered with many Freestanding Emergency and Urgent Care Centers all over Texas while developing a statewide quality and peer review organization for Freestanding Emergency Centers and Emergency Department Observation Units. In just two years, the small team of two has grown to 75 members from all over the country who work together in providing the best quality of emergency care to many more communities.

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